Dorey Houle for Senate?

Extreme. Immoral.
Extremely immoral.

Dorey isn't just against a woman's right to make her own healthcare decisions, she refused committing to protecting a right to choose even in cases of rape and incest.
That's not 'pro-life’ - it is heinous.

*comment Dorey made in Monroe Matters on June 11, 2022

Meet the REAL Dorey Houle

Dorey who? While, up until just a few years ago, Dorey was living a world away in the New York City outer boroughs, her opponent James Skoufis was right here in Orange County fighting against local corporate welfare, securing new UPK seats for local kids, and working for a better future for Hudson Valley families.

Going along to get along. In her first seven months as a Monroe Town Councilmember, Dorey has yet to cast even a single “no” vote – regardless of the cost to her Monroe community. While Dorey continues to blindly follow her party bosses, her opponent James Skoufis has the most independent voting record of any Democrat in the State Senate, acting on his conscience instead of just toeing the party line.

Supporting overdevelopment since day one. Dorey continues to hide her position on the proposed Rye Hill development in Monroe because she knows the local neighborhood strongly opposes it. Then again, she’s always been on the side of more and bigger development. In her time as a local official, she hasn’t taken a single, solitary action to curb rampant overdevelopment.

Tax and spend ’til the end. As a Village of Monroe Trustee, Dorey voted in favor of budget after budget that raised taxes on her neighbors. We can’t afford her in Albany.